Our training services are here to help you:

Interact with and manage teams globally and locally in your target markets

Our training services are here to help you:

Internationalization for SMEs

Pitch and defend your projects in front of international audiences

Learn about regulations, local cultural and legal requirements

Be operational globally and manage risks and opportunities

  • Soft Skills and Intercultural Management with Blended Learning: we provide the usual soft skills training in your targeted language so that you can acquire the language in context, extend your management capacities and acquire the relevant mindset.

  • Use Cases, Country and Regulatory knowlege: In these series we will provide you with more technical and operational training from learning about how to perform due diligence to export regulations.

  • Unique Methodology: very interactive and fun sessions alternating online and when possible on site workshops.  We only use real business life material and adapt content in an agile manner integrated in the context of learners.

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