We were officially founded in France in April 2019. Our company cumulates our partners and experts's  many decades of field expertise over a great variety of industries and markets. The concept and brand were initiated in 2018. After years of serving the interests  of various corporations in the Middle East and Asia, we wanted to create  a dedicated and affordable internationalization service for SMEs. It is the result of a whole year exploring market opportunities in France and interacting with SMEs in France and Europe.

We have been supported by the Saint-Etienne Métropole (Greater Saint-Etienne Area) in the dynamic Rhônes-Alpes region  are currently hosted in an incubator for BtoB companies. We also received support from the regional branch of France Active, helping new companies access funding.


We are hosted in Saint-Etienne, in a very innovative  entrepreneurial eco-system, great international networks, the only French city with a UNESCO City of Design label in the very dynamic Rhône-Alpes region,. Our region is France's leading industrial region and France's  number 2 region for R&D spendings, close to 70% of which is being supported by private corporations. It also ranks second in France in terms of number of active export companies.


We are a French SAS - Société par Actions Simplifiée - created under French law with a capital of 19,000 €, registered at the Saint Etienne Court with CRN  (RCS):

848 830 758

Battle Tested Consultant is a registered trademark

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