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Prepare high-quality content

Line of service

  • Market Intelligence: we analyze market risk and opportunities based on real life experience and interviews with local sources. We can help you devise different scenarii for your commercial development plans. We can organize prospection polls on large segments across different countries.

  • Due Diligence Research: we are experts at conducting corporate profiling research and field interviews. We request that corporations being researched for commercial development purposes provide a written mandate and a letter of consent.

  • Legal and Regulatory Research: our legal partners and operational experts can help you plan your operations from exports to opening a branch or signing a partnership.

Line of service

Widen your global reach and engage local communities

Be a thought leader in a field relevant to your brand

Create unique culturally sensitive and targeted content

  • Editorial and Copywriting Services: We can plan, edit, copywrite, ghostwrite any written content you need to have your message and your values delivered in an engaging manner. We can either set up a a team for you to create and print a book, articles about events relevant to you or simply reformulate and/or translate your texts to match your thoughts and values.

  • Video Content and Podcasts: Videos and increasingly podcasts have become the most effective way to provide valuable content online and increase your brand's visibility. We help you target the audience, design a winning podcast concept

  • SEO and PR Service: our associate experts make sure that you will have this disseminated, published and targeted at the right audience online and/or in the mainstream media

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