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Managers, CEO & Entrepreneurs 

The Covid 19 pandemic has created a strong drive for change within all kinds of organizations, from startups to SMEs, as well as multinational companies. All were influenced by the post pandemic worldwide organizational changes. You're  still in charge of growing and developing your business. The current context  makes it seemingly more difficult to acquire proper visibility on real opportunities, not to mention trusting and being trusted by potential business partners online.Your team, even if used to social media, may be struggling with properly adjusting their strategic road maps. They still need to know  what local market conditions are, even though travelling is more complex.


Whether you are a manager within an organization, or an entrepreneur or a CEO of a company, and if you are looking beyond horizons, and need guidance to identify international opportunities, and advice on which market to target, define your road map and operate and manage anything that needs to be done.  We can help you plan you project, and assist you during all its steps. Just go for it and let us take care of it.   

Your roadmap   
Need some help? Can't chose?

Cherry pick services and tools according to where you stand in your project development. Here are  a few question that may help  you figure it out. 


How feasible is my project? Is there a demand? Can it be sustainable? What would it  take for me to start it? 

I need an affordable, easy-to-use  solution to engage with my prospects internationally  

 How can I motivate my teams to follow me on this project? How do I assess and adjust  their skills  and my organization? 

How to  identify, engage with and validate local agents and partners? How do I check local competitors? 

I need to communicate to my target market. I don't know the culture and the market so well. 

Before I engage with expensive lawyers  and local intermediaries, I need to figure what the main regulations are 

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