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Our services are like building blocks that  you can arrange and combine the way you want to progress on your path towards making your business more international. If you need help, on how to combine them and what to choose, you can always book a short free meeting with us.


Purchase a subscription if you want to benefit from : at least 10 hours per month of expert advice, operational support and training whatever  the topic and level of expertise; enjoy  a dedicated service  and daily monitoring on your project management and many other  amenities that  we will add regularly. 

Or simply browse through the  services below. 

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Easy-to-read, short and no-fuss deliverable


In partnership with established  and licensed legal and financial experts 


HR, Management & PARALEGAL 


Internationalization Readiness Audit

Are you and your teams ready to address that  new market you have in mind?

Will you be able to provide adequate pricing? Are you ready to send samples with proper documentation and legalization? Can your commercial teams follow up properly? Can you invest enough in legal fees locally? Is your branding and marketing strategy adequate? ...

We go through a checklist established according to your objectives, goals and timeline and deliver a diagnosis based on hard-facts + a strategic road-map 


International Staff Hiring Assistance 

Making sure you have enough  feedback to  take the right  decision 

Is the degree valid? How do I organize my on-boarding ?  How  must I lead my interview ? What types of KPIs? What is the business and cultural background of my applicant? I need help to lead the interview? What are the legal requirements? .....

We'll help perform background checks, lead interviews to assess skills and verify rules  and regulations relevant to your employment arrangements. 


Customs & Legal Requirements to Export?

Are you well aware of the main requirements to have your product and service distributed? 

What types  of supporting  documentation is necessary ? When and how am I authorized by whom to certify  my products or services locally? What authority is in charge of validation? Who is authorized to communicate? What about taxation?...

We'll deliver a detailed list of the main legal and regulatory  requirements for you to sell your  services in your new target market, and help you assess the cost.


Local Company Set Up Strategies & Validation

Check and verify if your set up strategy matches  your market development plan

What  types of legal forms are available to me? How much to they cost? Do I need a local partner? How much do I need to deposit? What about visas? What  about free zones? Am I allowed to pull out easily? What about local taxes and employment regulations? .....

We map out the most relevant options available to you. We help you assess options that were submitted to you  by sellers and partners. 



Competition Report & Risk Monitoring 

Based on open sources, media monitoring abut mainly through interviews with local market players and experts, we map out , categorize by level of  risks, what  types of direct and indirect competition you might expect to face,  along with some of the atmospherics of how business is conducted locally in your  branch in a neat, concrete and operational report, including recommendations.  

You'll receive a neat, customized and easy-to-read deliverable showing , based on collected findings and expertise, where you stand in the value chain and what you can do (or can't) about it. 


Identification, Profiling and Pre-validation Meetings with International Prospects

As our teams get to know your products and services, we help you identity the types of partners that might be most profitable for you and develop relevant scenarii as per your target market.  Do you need an agent? Or would a reseller and distributor be more appropriate are examples. Once this is set, our teams search, identify and contact prospects to verify  their feedback on your services and organize meetings  with them.

You'll get qualified contact lists for your CRM and when needed great meeting moderation, preparation and summary 


Due Diligence & Back-Ground Checks

Know your clients and partners. It is a mandatory obligation before you appoint  an agent, select a reseller or identify a partner. The point is here to identify potential red flags that you need to address with your contacts so that you can take the right decisions. With the written authorization of your contact to perform a simple due diligence, we and our legal partners will review any  potential reputation and compliance risks and revert to you with questions you may address to your contacts.

You'll get a great factual and contextualized report with qualified and authorized sources, along with our recommendations on what you should clarify with your clients / contacts as potential red flags. 

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Proof-reading, Translation of your Content Marketing

You prepared a great piece of content marketing that will shine on your blog, website or any other support your may need to be prompted on but  you need to translate at a better cost than an established translation office and of course better than automation. Or you simply need a good proofreading in order to make sure no  typo or misunderstanding is left behind.


We  pay great attention to :

  • Local cultural sensitivities

  • The professional language of your  profession

  • Relevant SEO requirements

Available for now in:

French, German, English, Turkish, Arabic

Performed by experienced writers with long term professional exposure in these languages. 


International Podcast Design & Production

Yes, podcasting is beautiful! You are most likely to having subscribed  (and being  addicted) to some great podcasts.  But there are so many podcasts out there, so you need to produce a flawless content, from the script, to the voice over to your attitude and tone that  of your guest! Not  that  easy but so much fun !!! 


  • Help you plan and design your editorial content in line with your brand and target audience

  • Find the best solution to distribute  your podcasts on numerous  channels

  • Script your show, and help you prepare the promotional content

  • Train you  and your teams/guests to be the best  when recording

  • Prepare the audio filing for you :) 

Available for now in:

French, German, English, Turkish

Performed by experienced writers with long term professional exposure in these languages. 


SEO & Article Drafting

SEO is the keyword for all keywords! Be it on your home market or anywhere else on the planet. But keywords are not enough if you don't use them in the proper context for the right target, with the proper cultural sensitivity, tone and of course, if your topic is not attracting enough attention. 

We will draft great  content  for you with great topics and facts to attract your brand community's attention.  

We will: 

  • Identify, research and draft excellent content from fun to analytical and informative

  • Help you and your marketing teams decide what types of topics would work best as per your SEO targets and the local interests

Available for now in:

French, German, English, Turkish, Arabic 

Performed by experienced writers with long term professional exposure in these languages. 


Creating Great Voice-Overs in Various Languages

You created a video , a presentation, a podcast, or even some automated messages for  your international calls. 

We have the knowledge and material to create fantastic voice overs in various languages with male or female voices at an affordable rate! 

We will: 

  • Transcribe, translate and proofread your content

  • Register a voice-over of the aforementioned content. 

  • Prepare your sound design.

Available for now in:

French, German, English, Turkish, Arabic 

Performed by experienced writers with long term professional exposure in these languages with the help of AI powered and commercially licensed software 

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