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Freelancers & Experts

As a freelancer and/or expert, you know exactly what your business is about and have already a good client portfolio enabling you to operate locally. You're the expert, so you have  your own networks of supporting professionals that enabled you to start your business in the first place. You work with your own trade licence, potentially on short term work contracts, or even with an umbrella company staffing you in long term or short term missions. You potentially have your own website,  blogs and other usual social media presence. You are now ready for new markets as you feel it is time to extend your business and let the world know and make use of your talents.  

bureau à domicile

For freelancers and experts, the main questions are to know where to promote one's services, in what languages and with what kind of content marketing.  These are classics but become even more stringent and sensitive when you want to grow your business internationally as you need to make sure your efforts will pay off. Then comes the usual questions of how to operate, market, invoice and communicate with those people around the world that want to work with you? 

This  is also where we come in. We can check, plan and operate all of this with you to make sure you don't waste your time. You choose  how and when, and on what specific items. 

Getting Started
Need some help? Can't chose?

Cherry pick services and tools according to where you stand in your project development. Here are  a few question that may help  you figure it out. 


What is the best platform to promote my services? Do I need one for the market I'm targeting? 

Am I legally authorized to market the services in the target country? What is the legal background 

I need an affordable, easy-to-use and customizable solution to engage with my prospects internationally   

I need to develop great content  marketing adapted to the local language and culture? I need to have more international identity

Interested in joining 

our pool of experts ? 

We're always looking for new talents to provide more opportunities  and services to our clients. 

Contact us if  you have:


  • a proven track record in a field relevant to international business from marketing, to legal or industrial project management,  

  • are fluent and/or native in English (additional languages is always a plus)

  • have been working in international and multicultural environments 

  • are legally authorized to work, sell services  in your country of residence

  • are legally authorized to invoice clients internationally 

Send us  :  

  1.  a CV in English

  2. a one paragraph pitch in English

  3. any supporting documentation and references

We'll then arrange a meeting. 

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