“Good tactics can save even the worst strategy.  Bad tactics will destroy even the best strategy.” General George S. Patton Jr.


Battle Tested is  our DNA

We only hire consultants, experts, contractors and other professionals who like us have an extensive field experience and proven track-record in conducting projects in international contexts. Our Battle Tested experts know concretely what they are talking about and are able to relate  tangibly to a situation.

We Enjoy Challenges

We all have that spirit of adventure that lead us to experiment, think out of the box and see problems under a different perspective to bring you practical solutions and support based on field knowledge. We are used to dealing with seemingly unextricable situations and we love it! Our mission is to empower you and help you take off the steam of pressure.


 Dedicated Project Teams


We set up dedicated project teams to address your specific market development needs in strategy, risk advisory or market entry. In all our reports and deliverable we provide as much as is possible the local atmospherics of a given situation to help decide in full knowledge of the context. Most important for us is to provide a support that is operational and immediately implementable by your teams.


Our HQ in Saint-Etienne France is  used a  coordination center for research, operations and customer support

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