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Fun, friendly and easy-to-use internationalization services  and tools 

We take care of all the aspects of your international business project from feasibility to business-up and marketing. 


Make your global business ideas happen 

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You are 

bureau à domicile
An expert  or freelancer 
A manager/entrepreneur/CEO
A digital nomad 

Why Hire Us?

Value for money 

Affordable pricing, without long term commitments, adjustable according to your needs and priorities; no hidden fees

Truly international 

A multicultural team, 8 different languages spoken, graduated from top level international colleges and universities 

Empowering & personalized 

Friendly teams providing you the knowledge and know how to ensure you pursue the project on your own terms.

Strategic & operational 

Strong field-orientation, practical and straight-to-the point deliverable, result focused, and agile 

What is Your Next Objective? 

Set up a branch abroad 

Market your products  

Find a local agent

Check your risks and opportunities locally

Hire international workers

Identify and check new investors 


"This company has an excellent knowledge of tax legislation and cultural codes of the
countries approached which is essential. The reports submitted are well documented and
provide informed support for the implementation of our commercial strategy.
The BT Consultant team is very responsive to customer requests and expectations
which is appreciable".

"What made the difference was not so much the prospect portfolio that I managed to obtain, but rather the change of vision on my market and the awareness of the necessary adaptations to international business. BT Consultant was able to go beyond the purely formal and intimidating framework, to allow me to live a very beautiful adventure, and by taking me out of my comfort zone, to meet people who would have seemed unimaginable to me before."

Sylvie Duez, Founder of the SŌKAI brand

Charles Bertholet, Founder& CEO, Glace Concept

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Try our all-inclusive  subscription based service for medium & long term projects  

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