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We take care of all the aspects of your international business project from feasibility to business-up and marketing. 


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Why Hire Us?

Value for money 

Affordable pricing, without long term commitments, adjustable according to your needs and priorities; no hidden fees

Truly international 

A multicultural team, 8 different languages spoken, graduated from top level international colleges and universities 

Empowering & personalized 

Friendly teams providing you the knowledge and know how to ensure you pursue the project on your own terms.

Strategic & operational 

Strong field-orientation, practical and straight-to-the point deliverable, result focused, and agile 

What is Your Next Objective? 

Set up a branch abroad 

Market your products  

Find a local agent

Check your risks and opportunities locally

Hire international workers

Identify and check new investors 

Try our all-inclusive  subscription based service for medium & long term projects  

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